The Geronimo's Apartments

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Nearby Agni

Geronimo's Apartments
Loustri, Agni
Sleeps 2-4

  Geronimo's House
Loustri, Agni
Sleeps 2-6


There are only a few properties near Agni Bay that have swimming pools, so this is quite an opportunity.

The apartments and the Geronimo's House share a stunning pool - overlooking Agni Bay.

Lounge and Kitchen

property for sale and let, rent

Inside the apartment, there is a combined kitchen/lounge area which is quite small, but has French doors opening to the large private balcony area overlooking the pool and Agni - superb.

property for sale and let, rent


Corfu accommodation

There are two bedrooms, both with excellent views. There is plenty of storage space.

Corfu accommodation

Both bedrooms have twin single beds.


Corfu accommodation

There is a modern bathroom with toilet, sink and shower.


The balcony is large, and has a set of steps down to the pool

property for sale and let, rentproperty for sale and let, rent

The Geronimos apartments offer an ideal base for a holiday - and the pool is a great bonus - especially if you have children.

What's Nearby?

The idyllic bay of Agni is a short walk through the olive groves.

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There are several paths down, one more road-like than the others. It takes about 5 mins to walk down. Walking back up though is a different matter! - Takes me 15 minutes including the time for stopping - a couple of short rests are required. The path is not very well lit at night - so a torch may be needed. Kalami is a similar distance and is a small resort which will keep any teens happy. If any in your party are elderly or not keen walkers, then a car would be recommended.


Corfu accommodation

Loustri is a small village overlooking Agni bay. The village is typically 'Greek' with a small elderly community - untouched by tourism.

Corfu accommodation

Local Map

map for Corfu accommodation

The above map (click to enlarge), shows the exact location of the Geronimos apartments.

Which to choose?

This is one two apartments - the ones with the best views. The apartments are identical except one is on the ground floor (Stefanos), and the other above (Yanny). Both have exceptional balconies and views.


Geronimos Apartments: price for the apartment (not per person) - maximum of 4 persons. Price includes maid service, welcome pack and representative services.

(Arrival and departure any day of the week)


Price per day

Price for one week Price for second
or more weeks
Euros GBPs Euros GBPs Euros GBPs


(April, May, October)

54 35 378 245 340 221


(June, September)

75 49 525 341 473 307


(July, August)

88 52 616 400 555 360

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