The Parkhurst Cemetery

The Parkhurst Cemetery is located just outside of Ste. Sylvestre at a site next to 244 Craig Rue [route 269] in Ste. Patrice de Baurivage, a rural town about 50 km south of Quebec City.

This cemetery is cared for by private family donations (Send to Dr. Curtis Lowry, 14 Cookshire, Sawyerville Que. JOB 3AO).

The Parkhurst Methodist Church once stood next to this site. A photo of the church can be seen here. The photo is courtesy of Neil Broadhurst. James Orr and his brother Robert Orr helped to build the church. 

These people have stones in this cemetery:

These people are buried in this cemetery but do not have stones:

Note that the original records of this cemetery are believed to have been lost in a court house fire. The listing presented here was compiled by 1) an inventory of stones performed by Mr and Mrs. W.T.L. Harper on 7/12/1972, 2) Church records supplied by Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Patton, and 3) Birth data from other sources where known [and estimated where only death date is known].

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