Dr. Malcolm Mackay, 1875, and Verena Caswell, born late 1800s, were married. Verena was the daughter of Otis Caswell and she had a sister who married JD Anderson. Malcolm and Verena had four children:

Malcolm died in December of 1920. Record from Comptom Museum reads:

"Dr. Malcolm MacKay at Sherbrooke died in Dec, 1920 funeral held on 28th Dec. 1920 a short service at house Rev. Alfred Bright assisted by Rev. Dr. G. Ellery Read at St. Andrew Church Rev. Mr Bright officiating interment in Elmwood Cemetery principle mourners two young sons Donald; Alex MacKay; father-in-law Mr Otis Casswell; brother-in-laws Rev. J.D. Anderson; Mr Clarence Casswell; nephews MacKay Anderson; Llewellyn Anderson; other relations Mr Vogt; David; Joseph Dunlop; George Fuller; Mr Turner;"

Sources: Barb and Al Gorman who attended a 1997 meeting of the Clan Mackay to celebrate the 100 anniversary of the marriage of Katherine Mackay and John Duncan Anderson; and Mac Mackay


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