Job Search in the 2000s

Here is my process for changing a career and finding a new job. Why would I want to do this? Because I worked for 30 years in the Defense Industry and when I was faced with my plant closing, I decided to use the crisis as an opprotunity to do something new and more exciting. This was my approach:

I used two books. The first is "What Color is your Parachute". This book has some exercises in it that will help you to identify your skill sets and the types or work you enjoy most, and will help you to write a good resume. This book is updated every few years and has long been the bible for job switchers.

The second book is "The Guide to Internet Job Searching". This book lists many job search sites and gives you a framework to work them. It recommends that you do four things:

This formula will hopefully give you the high odds at getting a new job. For my last job, I did steps 1 and 3 first to get the process going and then found the job I wanted using step 2.

Also, Note that nowadays you need two versions of your resume, one that is in ".doc" format and one that is in ".txt" format.

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