The Mackay Family and Other Relations

This family tree documents one of the three Mackay families who emigrated to Quebec in the early 1800s. (See the main page).

These Mackays had moved to Ireland from Scotland during the period know as "The Reformation".

Although this database is focused on the Mackays, there are large portions of other Eastern Township families linked in where data is available.

We have all worked hard to make this data as accurate as possible and are very interested in any new data or corrections. At a minimun, if your have data that indicates a possible conflict with the data listed here, please send a note and we will post both sets of data on the same page until it can be properly resolved by further research. Please contact me at or the researcher listed on the page you are interested in.

An explanation of how data is organized in this database.

HTML Tree for the decendants of Joseph MacKey and Barbara Ovens.

Partial Mackay related Cemetery Data:

The Long Story of how I (Scott Mackay) got started in Geneology.

Link to the Quebec Family History Society (it has some great links for research in Quebec).